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Thickened rose gold flamingo inflatable float

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Goods details

Product name: inflatable flamingo mount

Material: environment-friendly PVC

Color: rose gold

Specification: 150 * 140 * 110 cm

Material thickness: 0.25mm

Product introduction:

★PVC inflatable products are airtight airbag type structure, soft and comfortable to use.

★ The product surface is smooth, easy to clean, clean health, environmental protection.

★ High quality material: the selection of super strong hot carbon strong polymer PVC, and the use of international advanced ultrasonic seamless bonding technology, each suture with electronic bonding, so that the product is tough, soft, strong sealing.Tensile strength 3478N, tear strength 1572N.

★ Safety: Using streamlined design, without any protrusion, to protect the safety of children.After the United States and Europe children's toys safety test, fully in line with the strict American and European standards.

★ Environmental protection: through the international SGS test, does not contain phthalate 6P environmental protection standard (in line with the polycyclic FangJing PHAS test standard, in line with the RoHS directive, in line with the NP standard, in line with the European EN-71 standard);Does not contain 3P (BBP/DEHP/DBP) environmental protection testing standards.

★ Easy to use: Equip with safe charging valve (mouth), once filled, can exhaust for many times use, durable.

★ Easy to carry: small size, light weight, deflated after folding packaging, light and convenient, easy to carry, storage does not occupy space.